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Capital of Poland  

Almost completely destroyed during the World War II after war then rebuilt.
Extremely interesting city.


  Salt Mine

Hundreds of years salt exploitation have shaped the spatial arrangement of its excavated structure. Subterranean Salt Mine Wieliczka consists of nearly 300 kilometres of corridors and much chambers. The touristic route accessible for visitors includes a 3,5-kilometres from 64 to 135 metres below ground level. nine levels, concealed under the town Wieliczka, reaches down to the depth of 327 metres. Magnificent chapels, captivating underground lakes, original tools and old equipment are waiting for You

AUSCHWITZ   Concentration camp

Date began to function is 14 June 1940, when the first transport of Polish political prisoners deportees arrived in Auschwitz, Poles were imprisoned and of murder in the camp. Afterwards, Soviet prisoners of war, Gypsies and prisoners of other nationalities were also incarcerated.

In 1942 to start in camp of the mass murder  the Jews as part of the Nazi plan for Their complete destruction.


    Royal City

Every year milions of tourists arrive to Cracow .The old seat of Poland kings Wawel is most renowned for tourist destination. The city of artists and culture with centuries-long interesting history attracts millions of tourists . Cracow is ideal for a romantics here You can test old atmosphere city

Jewish heritage

    Jewish district Kazimierz

This will be reminder of past . The Jewish district of Kazimierz:
old homes ,Synagogues, Cemetery and a concentration camp located in Plaszow during the II war was tragic dramatist for prisoners, also of Schindler's factory.


    Capital of Mountains

Mountains, humming brooks and fragrant resin forests



You can swim on the raft from marina at Sromowce-Kąty, where you find a wonderful unforgettable adventure


  John Paul II

Family house of Charles Wojtyła - of Pope John Paul II


    Beautiful churches in a wonderful setting.
Pilgrimage to miraculous picture of Black Madonny is survival no forgotten
Many people walk to this wonderful place for to be healed. this tour is recommended by many people.


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